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Bias Tee

Bias Tee provides both DC bias current and RF signal via bias network. The features include small size,light and flat frequency response, it is used in microwave measurement area such as amplifier,programmable attenuation and switch circuit etc.

NO. Model Number Frequency Range(GHz) VSWR Ins. Loss(dB) Max Power(mW) Bias Voltage Bias Current Connector Type Picture
 1  SHX-BT-X-S  0.01-4.2  ≤1.25  ≤1.25  ≤5W  ≤72V  ≤1A  SMA   
 2  SHX-BT-X-N  0.01-4.2  ≤1.25  ≤1.25  ≤5W  ≤72V  ≤1A  N