Test Accessories

SHX provide test accessories including DC-block, 50Ω-75Ω impedance converter, feed-through termination, SMA,N,7/16-type calibration kits, kinds of 3.5mm,2.92mm,2.4mm adapters and test cables etc.



DC-Blocks prevent DC current flow while permitting RF power to flow, thus to isolate DC power from signal sources and measure instruments with broadband performance and low insertion loss.

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50Ω/75Ω Impedance Converters

TZ2,TZ5,TZ50 50Ω/75Ω impedance converters are used to convert impedance of 75Ω components in 50Ω receive system with low VSWR and fixed attenuation, they can promote the separate performance to signal source.

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Coaxial Impedance Tuners

SHX-CIT-41 coaxial impedance tuners are impedance matching instruments consisting of independently variable branch lines or stubs connected to a main line. A common application is in amplifier development to test operation under varying degrees of mismatch or load pull.Beryllium copper contacts assure long life and noise free operation. Mechanical end stops at each end of the travel prevent
accidental disassembly, and locking caps allow adjustment of sliding tension and provide final adjustment locking.

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Feed- through Termination

TTF feed- through termination are used to separate the reflection power from termination to signal source.

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Coaxial Adiabatic Transmission Line

GL coaxial adiabatic transmission line is a kind of special line with thin wall stainless steel tube of inner and outer conductors, it can be used to isolate the heat exchange between the output port of high power amplifier or transmitter and the terminal small power measurement instrument. Thus prevent instrument from high temperature heat source.

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Calibration Kit-Open/Shorts

Type SMA,N or 7/16 Calibration Kit characterize the systematic errors in the measurement system by measuring known devices (standards) on the system over the certain frequency range as to improve the measure precision . Calibration kit contains a Type of fixed termination and one piece Type open/short circuit. The kit is specified from DC to 18GHz with stable electricity performance.

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Adapters and Test Cables

Precision TNC,N,SMA,3.5mm and 2.92mm serial adapters are high repeatability,low VSWR and low loss devices that operate from DC-6GHz,18GHz,26.5GHz and 40 GHz.They offer all combinations for adapting. They are also useful as “test port and cable savers” when used with vector network analyzers with stable electricity performance.

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